Increase Google Reviews and Customer Interaction

Are you looking for a better way to get customers to review you on Google My Business? Have you ever been caught without a business card handy? Are you looking for a new way to increase customer interaction? We can help with all of this in one great product!

How Do We Do It?

We help businesses cater to their client’s specific needs through text messaging with

This is a quick and easy text review process companies use to boost their ratings. Test it out, send a text containing the keyword, “FSREVIEW” to 91985.

This option creates a digital business card for our customers. Send a text to 91985 with the word “RAYMOND.” You will receive a response text containing contact info and other info on who they are. You also have the option to add in your company logo and/or a business photo if desired.

Have a promotion you want to advertise? Maybe you want to include specific location details to your customers. Use the Infodrop feature!

This is where you can create personalized digital brochures.

Here you will create keywords that will be used to guide new users to the company website, office support numbers, and more.

You can add in your links to your new mobile app and tutorial videos. You can have links going to specific webpages, downloads, product information, patient care, videos. The reach is virtually limitless!

Increase Your Google Reviews

Great reviews are essential for every business, from the large company to the solo entrepreneur.  Through SMS we simplify the tedious process of Google and Facebook reviews. 

Turn your best customers into your best salespeople

When you're looking for a great restaurant, what do you do?  You go to Google or Yelp and look at the first place with lots of stars and reviews, right? 

Your customers behave the same way.  It’s called “social proof”.  More stars mean that it must be good!

The problem is that positive reviews can be hard to get.  You need to get your most delighted clients onto your review page—fast—while they are still compelled to write you a good one.

What if 30 seconds was all it took?

How it works for your business

  • Pick your own keyword.
  • Create a link to your Google Business page reviews.
  • Tailor a response message to match your style.
  • Five minutes of your time for thousands of dollars in value. 
Close up of Google review keyword fsreview

How it works for your customers

  • Your customer sends a text with your special keyword
  •  They are directed to your Google Reviews link.
  • They tap 5-stars and leave a review.  Easy!

Does it actually work?

How often do you want to leave a kind review for a business, but you never do?  It’s not that you don’t want to, but life gets in the way when you walk out the door.

Many clients get an awe-inspiring 70% response rate.

InfoLoop makes it easy for your customer to say what’s on their mind and easy for you to get more customers.  It’s a win-win.

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We can show you how easy it is to get reviews

Give Customers a Business Card They Will Keep

Paper business cards get tossed and thrown away.  Give them a useful e-card with direct links to your website, Facebook, Linkedin and more.  Always on hand and easy to share.

Business Cards for the modern world

88% of business cards are thrown out in less than a week.  People forget why they got them, who they got them from, or it’s just more paper in the pile.

Make a statement with a digital SMS business e-card.  Guaranteed not to be thrown out or forgotten.

Include up to a thousand characters for a creative card that really multi-tasks. 

In addition to your standard contact info, you can include:

  • Your Personal Brand
  • Website
  • Linkedin
  • Social media pages
  • Emojis
  • Your bio and mission statement
  • Links to presentations or studies
  • Trade show information
  • White papers and presentations
  • and more!

“88% of business cards are thrown in the trash within a week.”

InfoLoop eCard example

How it's different

You’re dynamic!  A 2x3” paper card can’t possibly contain you. 


What if you could share your most professional work directly on your business card?  That’s the beauty of an e-card.  Include photos of your artwork, links to your greatest sales presentation, or your appointment calendar.


There’s no need to wait for a re-order every time you want to make a change.  You can change your details anytime.  Include links to your special events, or modify for different audiences.


Not ready to ditch that paper card yet?  Add your unique code to your card with supplemental info that can’t fit on a traditional card, yet your client is clamoring to see.

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We can show you how easy it is to get reviews

Increase interaction with your customers by giving them something to take with them

The options for your InfoLoops are virtually unlimited!  No matter what industry you are in, there is a way to use InfoLoop to increase your customers' ability to interact with your brand.

Are you a realtor:

  • have clients look at listings quickly on their phone
  • inform clients of how to prepare to get a mortgage
  • send clients links to the local community

Are you in the medical field:

  • Send patients a list to prepare for procedures
  • Let patients know how to perform aftercare
  • Link to videos about your practice

Are you an attorney?

  • Use InfoLoop links in advertising to send clients to a specific webpage
  • Enhance your business card with a link to more information

Are you a restaurant:

  • Have customers download monthly coupons
  • Link to additional review sites such as Yelp
  • Quickly link to online ordering

Every industry can find a way to use InfoLoop.  With our service, the possibilities are nearly limitless.  Call us today to learn more!



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