Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Social Media for Real Estate Agents – 18 Tips for Using Social Media Marketing in Real Estate


Social media is great for keeping in touch with friends and family and giving others a glimpse into your personal life. However, social media is not just for personal use. Real estate agents who are interested in making sales can utilize the various social media sites to reach a large pool of prospective clients. Social media can be effectively used for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Networking
  • Sales and Brand Building

Real estate social media will also help clients build trust in you and your ability to get the job done for buyers and sellers.

Facebook for Real Estate Agents

Facebook has nearly two billion daily active users. That’s a large audience for real estate agents who wish to market their business on the social media platform. Because of the potential for a large audience to notice your real estate business through Facebook, it is worthwhile to create a Facebook business page. The various benefits of operating a business page through Facebook are:

Feature Listings

You’ll be able to easily feature listings through pictures, video tours and listing details. Your audience will be much more engaged if they can visit your interactive Facebook page where they can learn all about the real estate you’re featuring on your page. You would do well to include all of your listings on your Facebook page complete with listing details of each, photographs and video tours. The effort you put forth into building your real estate Facebook page will be worth it when you gain leads, obtain new customers and retain your current client base.

Feature Open Houses

Feature your open houses on your Facebook page. You never know if one of your followers on Facebook is in the market to buy a home or may have friends or family who is interested in purchasing a home. By advertising your open houses on Facebook, it will grab the attention of those who may be interested in what you have to offer. It’s even possible that one of your followers will view your available open houses and suddenly become interested although they weren’t actively looking to buy a house. The idea is that you want to get your followers excited about what you have to offer.

Stay In Touch With Clients

You never want to lose touch with your clients. It is essential to maintain contact with your current clients because the cornerstone of a real estate business is repeat customers. By keeping in touch with current clients and past clients, they will be reminded that you are still in the business and ready to help them should they once again need your services. Because they can see that you actively update your Facebook page, they will think of you when it is time for them to buy or sell a home. Providing frequent and relevant updates will make an impression on those with whom you maintain contact. Every time you post something related to real estate, your followers will see it and that just may be all that is needed to trigger their memory of the good experience that had when dealing with you so that they will call upon you when your services are needed once again.

Gain New Clients

Use your Facebook page to gain new clients. Because your page has the potential to be seen by countless Facebook users, there is no limit to the amount of liking and sharing your page will get. Your exposure will grow as people like and share your page. Friends of the friends who like and share your page will now see your page. Your clients can share their successes about their real estate dealings with you which can draw others in to do business with you. You’ll want to ensure your page is public so that everyone can see your posts and the experiences of others. New clients will often search online, and specifically Facebook, when seeking a real estate agent with which to work. Therefore, by making your page public, you are putting yourself out there and ensuring you can be found by anyone who is interested in your services.

Share Accomplishments

Share your accomplishments on your Facebook page. Keep your followers up-to-date on the successes you’ve experienced, such as the homes you’ve sold or happy clients that you’ve helped. There is no better advertising than that of good experiences. Every time you sell a home or help your clients buy a new home, you should share that good news with your followers. Show them that you get excited about your job and are confident in your abilities.

Instagram for Real Estate Agents

Instagram is a free photo-sharing site that allows you to take a picture with your mobile phone and upload it to the Instagram platform for sharing with other Instagram users. Because Instagram is a popular social media platform, real estate agents can benefit from using all that Instagram has to offer. Three reasons why every real estate agent should use Instagram in their real estate business are:


Instagram has millions of users which means your potential for exposure is enormous. The site is free and continues to grow. So, it only makes sense that you would want to take advantage of the exposure Instagram can offer to your real estate business.

Professional Photography

Instagram allows you to quickly snap a picture and upload it to the site. As if that wasn’t convenient enough, Instagram also allows you to professionally edit your pictures for free. It offers a number of filters that can be applied to all your photographs to ensure you get the perfect shot every time.

Complementary Tools

Instagram offers complementary tools that make it that much more valuable to your business. For instance, say you snap several photos of your listings and then apply all those lovely filters. You can use Instagram’s Photo Map to indicate the location of where those pictures were taken. They will show up on a Google map which makes organizing said pictures much easier. A great marketing tool that Instagram offers is a Postagram. Simply take Instagram photos, such as of your listings, and feature them in postcards that you can mail to clients. That’s great advertising. You can also use Stickygram to create little magnets. You could use this tool to send to your newest happy client’s magnets featuring their new home.

Pinterest for Real Estate Agents

If you think Pinterest is only good for sharing craft and recipe ideas, you need to think again. Real estate agents are using Pinterest to drive traffic and potential clients to their agent websites and blogs. Pinterest attracts users who are more mature with higher incomes which means that attracting such individuals through Pinterest will result in connecting with those clients who have the ability to buy or sell. Below are just a few reasons why it would be wise to include Pinterest in your marketing efforts.

Improve Your Visibility Online

Real estate agents can use Pinterest to build their online presence. It is one of many websites where an agent can get his or her name out there and build their business. If someone is looking for a competent real estate agent, they are likely going to begin their search online. Even if they get a referral, they will likely do their research using every means available to them via the internet. This means that Pinterest can be an invaluable tool that allows buyers and sellers to build trust in you even before they ever talk to you. By being active on Pinterest, consumers are going to see your boards and pins that provide a wealth of knowledge about real estate and your local market area.

Drive Heavy Traffic to Your Website

If you’re a real estate agent who has an agent website where you provide quality content, then you have every reason to use Pinterest to benefit your real estate business. One of the largest benefits of using Pinterest is that it can drive heavy traffic to your website. The amount of traffic you get on your website is a significant factor and increases the chances your website will be shared with others.

Showcase Your Local Community

You can use Pinterest to showcase your local community. This will build trust with home buyers and sellers because they will be able to see that you are the expert when it comes to the local community. This will allow potential clients to feel comfortable with you when contacting you for your services. You can showcase your local community by pinning photographs of area attractions, landmarks and other areas of interest to show that you know all about your community and can help buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.

Your Pins are Evergreen

When you post information on Pinterest, that information is evergreen. This means that the information on your Pinterest page will remain relevant for eternity. Unlike other social media platforms where information gets buried after a short period of time, your pins and boards can be seen indefinitely. This allows your information to be shared over and over again. It remains on your page for everyone to see and will never become obsolete. Since your pins remain relevant, they will continue to reap benefits for your real estate business as long as you utilize Pinterest as part of your social media marketing efforts.

Twitter for Real Estate Agents

Twitter is a convenient and engaging way to stay connected to your clients. You can use it to give brief updates regarding your real estate business. By doing so, you will engage your audience while strengthening your relationships with clients. Twitter can be effective in the real estate market when used in the following ways.

Tweet Staging Tips

Some people simply do not have a clue as to how to stage their home to appeal to a large number of buyers. You can help them out by tweeting tips on how to properly stage a home to sell. You can post links to videos that show how to effectively stage a home when selling. You can also post articles that talk about proper staging. Along those lines, you can also provide tips on how to pack up a house when getting ready to move so that the burden of moving isn’t as stressful.

Tweet Questions to Followers

One of the best ways to engage your followers on a social media site such as Twitter, is to post questions. This will encourage a response. Your followers will become a part of the conversation and this can help them build trust in you. Ask questions that are relevant to the real estate industry, particularly to that of buying or selling a home. You could ask such questions as:

  • If you could remodel any room in your home, which room would it be and why?
  • What is the best thing about moving into a new home?
  • How important to you is the landscaping around your home?

Questions such as these encourage your followers to respond. An advantage to this is that you get a glimpse into the preferences of those in the general market. You can also respond back to your followers which further engages them in conversation regarding real estate.

Utilize Hashtags

Because you are using Twitter to reach as many people as possible, you must use Hashtags so that your tweets can be seen by more than just your own followers. You want anyone looking for a particular subject matter to find your tweets. For instance, if you are posting about moving tips, you’ll want to include #movingtips. This will allow anyone searching for moving tips to find your post.

Additional Options for Social Media

Your real estate marketing efforts need not only include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. You want to make your online exposure as great as possible. There’s a lot of competition in the real estate industry. Therefore, you are wise to take advantage of everything that social media marketing has to offer. Utilize the following additional online platforms for marketing your real estate services.

YouTube for Real Estate Agents

Because you can make videos and share via YouTube, the possibilities are endless for marketing your real estate business. You can make a video where you provide tips on anything from staging your home to sell to explaining about the home buying or selling process. You’ll want to make sure you’re providing relevant and interesting information. As you create more content on YouTube, you’ll have the potential to build your audience significantly.

LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn is a great place for everything professional. You should utilize this site to connect with other professionals who could quite possibly become your clients. You can showcase your skills and expertise in real estate. Your connections can endorse your skills which gives you credibility. Therefore, you’ll want to connect with those who can vouch for your abilities. Although LinkedIn is not a social site, you can share updates and articles that are relevant to the real estate industry. Another great tool LinkedIn provides is the ability to publish an article. If you have helpful information to share, you can publish an article and share it with your connections. If they make a comment or like the article, it will be seen by their connections and so on. Therefore, you have the ability to reach a wide audience through LinkedIn.

Blog Posts for Real Estate Agents

An area of social media marketing that is often overlooked is that of blog posts. You can use blog posts to provide up-to-date information on topics that are of interest to those who are in the market of buying or selling a home. There’s no hard and fast rule on the number of blogs you should be adding to your website. But, you’ll want to add at least one blog per month to keep your readers interested in what you have to say. Failing to keep up with blog posts will have your readers losing interest quickly. They will feel that if you don’t keep up with the blog posts, then why should they be reading. Always write about topics that are relevant to the real estate industry and will keep the interest of your readers.


There are many ways to market your real estate business. You can use direct mail, networking and holding open houses to boost your marketing efforts. However, if you want to consistently have success as a real estate agent, then you must embrace social media marketing for your real estate services. You can bet that the very buyers and sellers you are trying to reach are doing a lot of searching online for the answers to their real estate questions. The most effective way to connect with these potential clients is to have a significant online presence. The more visible you are online, the greater the chances are that you’ll connect with those who are in need of your expertise and services. So, don’t miss your chance to showcase your talents. Utilize everything that social media marketing has to offer.

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